Choosing the Linoleum Flooring Looks like Wood for Your House

When choosing the house decoration, most people are paying attention to the wall decoration. Actually, the floors part also must be considered too. Recently, people are rarely to use tile or ceramics to protect or decorate the floors, but they tend to use vinyl or linoleum.

Linoleum now mostly used by people because it is eco friendly, efficient, and easy to be removed. Linoleum is made of natural materials like linseed oil, wood flour and powdered cork. All those materials are pressed become a sheet.

Linoleum Flooring Looks like Wood for Modern House

In this modern era, there is a lot of people that use linoleum for protecting the floors. They commonly pick the linoleum floo that shapes like the wood to create natural or classic impression. Linoleum flooring looks like wood which is very durable often becomes the alternate of wood materials. Besides, linoleum also is very elastic, so it is very easy to be installed on the floor rather than the wood.

For you who have kids, you can pick the dark linoleum flooring wood look where it will not easily soiled and easily to clean. For you who are looking for this kind of linoleum, you can choose the Marmoleum. Marmoleum is one of popular brands that offers linoleum with natural motifs like wood, natural stones, or marble. The collections of linoleum are very popular since1860.

Linoleum Wood Look Flooring Ideas for Living Room

Wood looking linoleum flooring commonly will be applied in the modern living room. It is because the floors in the living room are frequently trampled by people. By using linoleum, the floors will not easily damage because linoleum is water resistant, anti-termite, and very durable. In choosing linoleum for living room there are some things that you must consider. Linoleum flooring wood look is very suitable for simple and modern house, or classic and vintage house.

If you prefer something that will make your house looks brighter and colorful, you can choose some bright colors such as yellow, green, and others. After that, make sure to consider the wall color of your living room first, whether the wall color is matched or not. The wood looking linoleum flooring will be matched with neutral color such as white, grey, light brown, and so on. The right combination will be very eye catching.

Linoleum Flooring Looks like Wood for Bedroom

Besides the living room, this motif also often applied in the bedroom. Applying the linoleum to bedroom floors can be the great option, especially for you who are rarely to clean the bedroom floors. Linoleum is not easily soiled of dust or dirt. Also, the dust or dirt will be very easy to be removed too.

In decorating the bedroom, this wood motif certainly becomes a very perfect option! It is because a bedroom must be decorated as comfortable as possible. The natural motif of wood can give fresh and calm impression to the room. Besides, the soft and elastic material soft and of linoleum will also add your comfort as you put your foot in the morning. For bedroom, wood linoleum motif will be perfect if it is combines with the blue, white, and grey wall colors.

Wood Motif of Linoleum Ideas for Kitchen

Kitchen floors can be the next perfect place that you can be applied with linoleum. Kitchen is the place which frequently wet and get dirty while cooking. Therefore, many people prefer to use dark colors of wood linoleum motif. They use it because if the food or water fall down to the floors, it will be easily to removed and will not leave stains.