Homely Ways How to Clean Linoleum Kitchen Floor

Recently, there is type of the floor that is trending to be the type of the floor that is suitable for the kitchen’s floor. That is linoleum floor. However, linoleum flooring cleaning is not that easy just like moping or cleaning like a common floor in your house.

Linoleum floor is durable. It is made of natural things like cork dust, wood flour, linseed oil, and tree resins ground limestone and pigments. Well, because it is installed in the kitchen, the room which must be very crowded with cooking stuffs and food, you need to know how to clean linoleum kitchen floor so you won’t damage any parts of your kitchen floor.
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Considerations in Cleaning Kitchen Floor

Talking about the full-of-stuff room like kitchen with linoleum floor, you have to consider the color of the linoleum floor that you choose in order to make your linoleum flooring cleaning be easier. How to clean linoleum flooring needs to be done carefully because the surface can just be damaged if you use much water or liquid with high pH. Linoleum floors are provided in every spectrum of colors so you can choose any colors that you want.

Choosing bright colors maybe suitable with your room’s color or with your taste but you must consider that you might only install your kitchen floor once and it might get damaged after a few years being installed. Bright colors would make the damage seen really clear if we compare that with the dark color. It doesn’t have to be rally dark, as long as it suits your kitchen and it is not that bright you can choose that to be the color of your linoleum floor in your kitchen.

How to Clean Linoleum Kitchen Floor

You have two choices in linoleum flooring cleaning. Firstly is the natural way. It is mixing lukewarm water with vinegar in somehow equal number because standing water can damage the linoleum material. It doesn’t have t be rinsed after moping because vinegar would automatically evaporated with its smell. The contents in vinegar have been popular to be suitable for cleaning linoleum floor.

Anyway, vinegar is quiet cheap to be bought by many family, right? Second way how to clean linoleum flooring is the chemical way. It is using the chemical solutions sold in the supermarket nearby that is specially made to only clean the linoleum floor. You just need to follow the instructions behind the package of the solutions or detergent. However you still need t see the pH of the solutions that you buy. The neutral pH in detergent is the better, but it is difficult to find that detergent. So, finding [roper pH level is really recommended.

Lastly for you, you need to vacuum the floor of your kitchen before mopping the floor with those ways above. The surface must be sure clean. Moreover I the kitchen sometimes the floor is going a bit oily or messy with food and stuffs so you need to be really detail in doing proper way in linoleum flooring cleaning in your kitchen. That is why, the whole members of the family should know how to clean linoleum kitchen floor for the sake of its maintenance.