How to Clean Linoleum Floors with Vinegar

The article is about how to clean linoleum floors with vinegar. But before we jump to cleaning linoleum floors with vinegar, take a look about the linoleum floors first.

What is Linoleum Floors?

Linoleum floors have been around for many years. This flooring was first sold around 1864 in England, since then it has a growing market share. This type floor is being marketed as recyclable and anti-microbal. Hospitals and clinic are attracted to the anti-microbial claims. However, poor practices may damage the linoleum floor if you mop it with bleach or other harsh cleaning products. Linoleum can also be called as Marmoleum. It is new linoleum but the composition and sensitivity is similar with linoleum.

Linoleum floors is a compressed and heat-cured mixture of wood flour, linseed oil, and color pigments which are presses on a burlap, and felt or polyethylene mesh backing. Unfortunately, a sharp point or edge can cut through a sheet of linoleum floors. This will cause the underside to be vulnerable to moisture and the worst is chemical damage.

Linoleum floors are resist shrinking, greases and oils, and it is quiet to walk on. But it can be damaged by most strong alkalis, acid, disinfectants, natural and artificial lighting, and even standing water. Linoleum floors will absorb the water and it becomes soft resulting in a faded look if you don’t remove the water that you use to scrub it immediately. To prevent it from absorbing water and keep dirt from sticking to its surface, you need to seal the pores of linoleum flooring.

To maintain linoleum floor, you have to dust and damp mapping on this type of floor daily. Those cleaning are essential for longevity and appearance. Instead of traditional mops, microfiber mops are a great alternative to mop the floors since they pick up soil but don’t roughen the floors.

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How to Clean Linoleum Floors with Vinegar with 2 Recipes

Although there are many cleaning products which are available in store to clean your linoleum floors, but sometimes you will face a hard time to know how best to clean your linoleum floors. There are cleaning products that you can find in the store, but you don’t know how friendly they are to your floors and environment? Not to mention, many cleaning products can be harmful to your skin.

Maybe you are wondering whether some recipes for homemade linoleum floor cleaner can be as effective as the chemical ones. If so, you can try vinegar. Cleaning linoleum floors with vinegar is the best solution for you. Vinegar has long been used as a cleaning product. It has antimicrobial properties and it is also lack of harsh fumes.

Vinegar is a non-toxic cleaner which is acid-based. Besides all-natural, it has the ability to cut grease. To remove dirt and residue gently, you can clean your linoleum floors with white vinegar. White vinegar can be used to kill bacteria, neutralize odors, restore the shine to the floors, and remove buildup from previously used cleaning products.

  1. Vinegar, baking soda, and soap recipe
    Fill a container with two gallons of hot water, then add ¼ cup of baking soda and one tablespoon of dish soap. When all of the ingredients are mixed thoroughly, then add ¼ cup of vinegar before you are ready to use it for mopping.

  2. Vinegar, baking soda and oil Recipe
    With three gallons of hot water, mix it with ¼ cup of vinegar then add ¼ cup of baking soda. Use a wooden spoon to mix it well and to give the floors a fresh scent, add a few drops of essential oil.

That’s the recipes of homemade linoleum floor cleaner.