How to Clean Old Linoleum Floor and Make It Like A New

Decorating home must be the interesting one, but to keep it well it must be the hardest one. One of the crucial one is floor. So, some of people might use linoleum floor to protect their floor decorating well. However, there are some different way to clean the floor especially for linoleum floor. It must be the hardest one for the old linoleum. However, there is still a way to make it. How to clean the old linoleum floor must be hardest yet easiest one. You can take the equipment that usually in your home. So, here are the step to clean your linoleum floor.

Prepare Tools & Materials for Cleaning Linoleum Floor

For the first step, you can prepare some tools and materials for cleaning your linoleum floor. You can prepare all of these materials and tools for some cleaning duration. So, you do not need to prepare it just before you clean the floor. So, here are the tools and materials for cleaning old linoleum floor:
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Dust Mop
  • Towels
  • Nylon Brush
  • Soft-bristle
  • Mop
  • Bucket
  • WD-40
  • Baby Oil
  • Baking Soda
  • Linoleum Floor Polish

Don’t forget to prepare all these items so you can clean the floor well. All of these items are effective to keep the old linoleum floor clean and look like a new one. Without damage it, you will keep your floor clean.

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The Routine Cleaning

For the first, there are some steps to keep and clean the linoleum floor. For the first, you can do the general cleaning. For cleaning the old linoleum floor for free form dust, you can use the dust mop. You can clean it for once in a week. Besides that, there are also some ways to make it clean. First, you can sweep the floor by using vacuum cleaner. After that, prepare the cool water and the proper product for linoleum floor and mix it into a bucket. Make sure you did not soak the floor. Rinse the floor by using the damp mop. After that, you have to dry the floor completely by using towels. To make it cleaner, you can do the following steps by using the soft bristle scrub brush.

The Following Maintenance to Keep the Linoleum Floor Well

The following step must be to make the floor cleaner well. The next step is to avoid the stains. There is a better way to make the old linoleum floor in avoiding the stain. Before that, you can rinse the floor by using the cool water and do not forget to dry it well. Then, if you got the stain on the old linoleum floor so you can remove it gently by using a nylon brush. To make it more shining, you can wash it and polish with the linoleum floor polish. In cleaning old linoleum floor you can remove the black scuff marks by scrubbing those scuffs by using baking soda and water. You can rinse it and dry it. If the scuffs are tougher, you can rub it by using WD-40 or baby oil.

The Regular Care for Linoleum Floor.

There are some points that must be noted for cleaning old linoleum floor. First, make sure that you place the right materials for doormats and rugs. You have to place the doormats right in the outside and the rug inside your house. Second, use the pads for every furniture that you have for preventing the scratches and stains. Third, if there are some plants make sure you use the protection under the plants so that there will be no water damage. Since if there were water, so the linoleum floor will get yellowing.