How to Deep Clean Linoleum Floors Properly

Linoleum floors have been a practical flooring option for more than a hundred years. In the late 1940s, linoleum floors fell out of fashion. When cheaper vinyl flooring entered the market, it beat linoleum floors. But linoleum has made resurgence in recent years.

There is no surprise about it, since linoleum floors is considered as a good flooring option for its long list of desirable qualities. Linoleum floors is non-allergic, environmentally friendly and made of highly durable material. It is gentler to walk and stand on compare to ceramic tile. Another good thing about linoleum floors is naturally antibacterial, making it resistant to mildew and mold.

When you clean and cared for it properly, it can easily last to 40 to 50 years in high-traffic area of the home. Whether you plan to install it or already have it, follow those steps below to maintenance and cleaning it with general or deep cleaning linoleum floors. Then, you will be able to enjoy your linoleum floors for years or even decades.
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General Cleaning Linoleum Floors

When you are maintaining linoleum floors is similar with maintaining wood floors. Although linoleum floors is durable like wood, but it is vulnerable to damage from excessive alkalinity and moisture. So, when you clean your linoleum floors, use only small amount of cold or lukewarm water, and it is not allowed to use ammonia-based cleaners. It is a great idea to dust mop it daily to keep linoleum floors free of dirt. Clean it with a good general cleaning once a week.

To do general cleaning means you have to sweep or vacuum the floor first using your vacuum’s hard floor attachment thoroughly. When you already remove loose debris and dirt, fill a bucket with cold or lukewarm water and use a cleaning product that’s been designed for cleaning linoleum floors. Don’t forget to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t soak the floors but mop over it in 4 to 6 sections with a lightly damp mop.

Then damp out the water, and refill the bucket with cold and clear water. Rinse the floor with a lightly damp mop completely. Don’t use detergent because when it left on the floor, then it will leave a sticky residue and the worst case is it becomes a magnet for more dirt. Use old towels to dry the floor completely.
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Deep Cleaning Linoleum Floors

Once or twice a year, your floors need a deep cleaning linoleum floors. You have to do it especially if it has deep grooves or designs. But how to deep clean linoleum floors properly? To do this, you will need vacuum cleaner, mop (cloth or sponge), nylon-bristle scrub brush, hot water, bucket, old towels, mild dish soap, and rubber gloves (optional). Make sure that you have all of them so you will not let any stain left behind.

  • First, vacuum the linoleum floors thoroughly on hard floor setting using vacuum cleaner, then you have to pay special attention to under refrigerators, cabinets, and corners where most dust accumulates.

  • Fill a bucket with a gallon of hot water and put 5 to 7 drops of dish soap in the bucket. Dipping the scrub brush in the soapy water as needed and scrub linoleum floor in a circular motion.

  • When you done with scrubbing the entire linoleum floors, then empty and rinse bucket and fill with clean and hot water.

  • Dip the mop in clean and hot water then wring it thoroughly. Rinse linoleum floors with clean and hot water. You can dry the floors by using old towels. Because linoleum floors contains grooves, when it is not sealed properly then it will absorb any excess liquid quickly. If this happens, then the floors look dull and dingy. 

Your question on how to deep clean linoleum floors has been answered!