How to Install Linoleum Flooring In Kitchen Properly

Do you want to decorate your kitchen? Does not have any idea yet about the floor? Linoleum floors might be the best choice for your kitchen floors. Linoleum has been known and popular for kitchen floors since its materials and pattern. For the materials, linoleum floor is type of floor that not too difficult in cleaning and maintaining.

Step by Step Installing Linoleum Floor in the Kitchen

Moreover, there are a lot of patterns or motifs that can be chosen. For the first thing, you can look for the suitable pattern as the theme of your kitchen. It is impossible if you could not find the right pattern for linoleum floor. Second, you can be done to install the linoleum floor by yourself. So, how to install linoleum flooring in kitchen? Just check this out!

  1. Make A Space for the Kitchen Room

    First thing that must be done is you have to make sure that the kitchen room is clear from any kind of furniture or appliances. You can place the furniture after everything is done for kitchen decoration. Moreover, before installing linoleum flooring kitchen you have also to detach baseboards. If you did not remove the baseboard, there will a possibility that linoleum floor will be damaged. Also, do not forget to remove the nails as well.

  2. Patch Up Flooring Material

    Linoleum floor also has been known for its material which is smooth. So, there will be possibility to follow the surfaces on the floor. You have to make sure you removed the pre-existing flooring material before lay down the linoleum floor. If you do not patch up pre-existing flooring material before installing linoleum floor kitchen, so the result will be not perfect at all. Besides, there are also some ways in fixing the minor issues for patch up the flooring materials. First, for the concrete floors you can fill a crack or small hole by adding concrete so that it will be completely fix. Second, you can use an embossing leveler for wooden floors and the existing linoleum floors.

  3. Installing Linoleum Floor

    After clearing your kitchen, you can jump to the next which is preparing for laying down the linoleum flooring kitchen. For the first step, you have to measure linoleum floors that you need. There are some ways in measuring floors. You can do by laying down some sheets and then trace the edges of floor. Cut the sheets for the right measurement then you can sue it as pattern for linoleum floor. On the other hand, you can just using a tape measurement the flooring area and then sketch the result on the paper. The paper can be used as a pattern to.

Second, cut the linoleum floor. After get the dimensions of floor, you have to cut it. One thing that must be noted is you have to use a hooked linoleum knife or you can also use a sharp utility knife. To make it safe, you can cut the linoleum floor kitchen by using plywood as base so you will not damage the floor.
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Third, you can apply adhesive on how to install linoleum flooring in kitchen rightfully. You have to lay down the linoleum floor that had been cut and then you have to prepare a notched trowel. Usually, you can find the adhesive for linoleum in hardware store. Apply the adhesive on the floor carefully. Then lay down the linoleum floor one by one. For finishing, you can secure it with a roller by doing from the middle to the edges. In addition, to protect and give longevity you can apply the linoleum sealant by using a brush or even roller.