How to Refinish Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum is a solid flooring choice for many homes and businesses. High quality linoleum is a preferable floor choice to the cheaper vinyl flooring due to its durability. Good linoleum is made by joining and inlaying solid pieces together. Made from cork dust and linseed oil the color and quality of linoleum flooring is consistent throughout the floor. Because of this it is possible to strip and re-wax it giving it a good as new shine.

Things You’ll Need to Refinish Linoleum Flooring

  • Wax removal solvent
  • Wood putty
  • 120-grit sandpaper
  • Vacuum
  • Dry cloth
  • High gloss urethane varnish
  • Wide paint brush
  • Pole sander
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  1. Remove all furniture from the room and close or seal off doorways.
  2. Strip the old wax off of the linoleum. Use a wax removal solvent and a stiff bristled plastic scrub brush. Work in two-foot square sections scrubbing with a circular motion.
  3. Sand the floor. Use a fairly high grit paper, 120 works well. Sand out any small scratches working in a gentle back and forth manner.
  4. Clean the floor. Use a vacuum and then a dry cloth to remove all dust from the floor. Then open the windows for proper ventilation.
  5. Apply the varnish. A high-gloss urethane varnish will protect the linoleum floor as well as bring out a quality shine. Use a wide paintbrush and apply the varnish using short, smooth strokes. Let dry over night.
  6. Re-sand the floor. Use a pole sander with 120-grit paper and lightly sand the entire floor. Pay special attention to any bubbles that surfaced. Dust the floor with a clean cloth.
  7. Put on a second coat of varnish in the same manner as above. Let dry over night before moving furniture back into the room.