How to Remove Glued Linoleum from Wood Floor Without Causing Damage

When decorating a house, choosing the floors materials also becomes an important thing. In order to make the floors durable, a lot of people use the floor protector like vinyl or linoleum. Linoleum is the floor protector that commonly used by people because it is effective, environmentally friendly, and safe.

It is also easily to be paired to the floor by perimeter or full bonding. People usually use linoleum to cover the wood floor. Removing linoleum from wood floor also can be done easily. Here are some steps of how to remove glued linoleum from wood floor without causing damage to the floor.

Remove the Linoleum Top Area

The first step of removing linoleum flooring from wood on the top area is by clearing the wood floor area from the linoleum superficies.

  • First, set to pull up the linoleum flooring as much as you can. Because it will be easier to do by using smaller trips, you can cut it into 12 inch using a sharp knife or razor knife. By removing it in smaller size it will be easier than to pull up the whole linoleum sheet at one blow.
  • Next, heat the linoleum area using heat gun to make it soften and easy to remove. Besides heat gun, you can also use a hair dryer to heat it. However, it cannot work efficiently because hairdryer does not have enough heat.
  • Pull up the strips again by using putty knife with 4 inch wide to revoke the each section edge of linoleum.
  • Do the process alternately by using stiff scraper blade. You can polish a few of petroleum jelly to the scraper in order to avoid it gunked up. After that, try to slide the scraper above the cut steam, and then pull the linoleum up using your hand.  

Clear the Adhesive Paper

The next step of how to remove linoleum glue from wood floor is by removing the adhesive section. This is the hard process and need a lot of time to finish the process.

  • First, to remove the adhesive paper from the soft floors like wood floors, you can use a heat gun or automatic scrapper. The heat gun will make the adhesive paper become soft and finally it will be easier to be removed.
  • Otherwise, you may soak the adhesive are by pouring it with the boiling water and let it for ten minutes. To do this process without a mess, pour the boiling water above the towels and let it for 15 minutes. After that, scrape the adhesive paper away using manual scraper.
  • Another step to clear the adhesive in neat way is by removing it with wallpaper steamer. If you do not have this tool, you can rent it at the near hardware store. However, if you cannot remove the adhesive alone, you better call the expert. 


After the adhesive paper is removed, the finishing section in removing linoleum flooring from wood is drying and cleaning the floor,

  • First, apply some chemical stripper to the rest adhesive paper. You can buy the chemical stripper at the nearest hardware store.
  • After that, scrape it all by using putty knife.
  • After all the adhesives part already been removed, sweep and vacuum the dust on the floor, and apply some polyurethane layers on it.
  • Finally, your floors will be clean and shine again.

Those are some steps of how to remove linoleum glue from wood floor. In doing this process, it will be so much better if you ask your family members to do this together. Doing this work alone is certainly time-consuming and tiring. Do not forget to use the tools carefully.