Linoleum Floor Tiles Styles Selections

If you’ve been refusing to consider linoleum flooring because it brings back memories of the dull, green flooring that you used to see all too often in some of the older homes, then it’s time for you to re-consider. The linoleum flooring of today has come a long way! Today’s linoleum floor tiles are vibrant and colorful with stunning designs and patterns and because they are made from all-natural materials, they help you go green without having to forgo style.

How are Linoleum Floor Tiles Made?

Interestingly, linoleum is basically just linseed oil that has been boiled down? Surprised? Most people are when they first hear this. The oil is boiled down and various natural pigments and natural materials such as recycled wood flour, cork dust, ground limestone and resins are added to it to achieve the desired color and pattern. The boiled down oil along with its various additives is then pressed down and heated to form a sheet. Because the sheet is made entirely of natural materials, it is totally biodegradable, making it the ultimate choice in green flooring.

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The Difference between Linoleum and Vinyl

Many people mistakenly think that linoleum and vinyl are one and the same and they use the terms interchangeably. However, these are two distinctly different products. Linoleum is all-natural whereas vinyl is man-made.

Vinyl is produced as a blank sheet and the design is then printed onto it and protected with a sealant. However, this sealant can wear off after a while and the unprotected design is more likely than not to get damaged or to fade away. In linoleum however, the patterns and colors are part and parcel of the tile itself, which means there is no question of them fading away with exposure or regular wear.

Vinyl tiles have a higher flexibility and are easier to install for the DIY enthusiast. Linoleum tiles on the other hand are more rigid because of their composition and this makes installation slightly more complex and best left to trained and experienced professionals.

Do’s and Don’ts for Keeping Your Linoleum Floor Tiles Looking Stylish Longer

  • Don’t clean the floor with a dry cloth as abrasive dust particles can over time scratch the surface and wear away the top polish.
  • Do clean with a damp mop instead.
  • Don’t place hard furniture directly on the flooring.
  • Do protect table and chair legs with color-fast, felt pads to prevent scratches.
  • Don’t use two-in-one cleaners that neither clean nor polish efficiently.
  • Do use separate products for cleaning and waxing the flooring.
  • Don’t use rugs that have latex or rubber rug backings as these can stain the tiles.
  • Do use rugs that have an all-natural backing or no backing.

While you will not need to take extraneous measures to maintain linoleum flooring, these few do’s and don’ts will help you keep it looking brighter longer.

Looking to making a style statement with your flooring? Linoleum floor tiles are the perfect choice for anyone looking for flooring that helps them stay stylish while making the right environmental choices.

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