Linoleum Flooring That Looks Like Hardwood

In modern house design, a lot of designer or homeowners prefer to use linoleum than ceramics or tiles on their floors. For you who never know linoleum, it is kind of floor protector that is made of the combination of wood flour, linseed oil, and powdered cork. The natural combination of those materials makes linoleum has elastic properties, eco friendly, efficient, and very durable. Moreover, it also very easy to clean, and has anti bacteria properties.

Linoleum Hardwood Flooring For Modern House
Nowadays, a modern house frequently has a simple but elegant looks. The colors decoration are commonly used neutral colors, and for the floors people commonly use linoleum with simple motifs. In choosing the motif of linoleum, the linoleum flooring that looks like hardwood still becomes many people’s favorite choice. The simple design and motif of hardwood floor linoleum will certainly makes the house looks modern, elegant and classic.

How to Apply Hardwood Floor Linoleum in the House?
When choosing the linoleum for the floors, sometimes people get confused of the motifs. To avoid this problem, you better to choose the linoleum flooring that looks like hardwood. This kind of linoleum has natural motif that very looks like the real wood. This motif can be applied and can work well almost in all the rooms.

Besides, it also can be matched perfectly to all the colors. To apply this motif, it will be so much better if you paint your wall with neutral colors like white, light brown, grey, and so forth. Prevent to pick a very bright color or very dark color.

What Are the Benefits of Using Linoleum Hardwood Flooring?
There are several benefits that you can get by using the linoleum with hardwood motif rather than the real hardwood. By using the linoleum materials, your floor will be very easy to be cleaned, and it also easily to replaced if you are bored with the motif. Moreover, you can get the natural beauty in your room without spending much money on it. Unlike the real hardwood, linoleum will not produce noise.

How can I get this hardwood motif?

Actually, there are a lot of hardware stores that offers linoleum with hardwood motif. Here are some manufactures that offers high quality of linoleum hardwood.

  • Forbo
    Forbo is one of popular and biggest producer of linoleum in the world. This company offers a lot of colors and motif of linoleum. Forbo provides the linoleum in sheets or in tile form.
  • Toryls
    Another well-known linoleum producer is Toryls. Not only provides the wood motif, Toryls is also specialize in providing marbleized colors.
  • Armstrong
    Armstrong is the professional linoleum producer which is also under Marmorette brand. This company provides a lot of linoleum with several motif and colors with glue down sheets

However, if those brands are not available in your country, you can order the linoleum by several online stores. Here we provide you some online stores that offers linoleum.

  • Green Floors
    Green Floors provides several linoleums with many motifs and colors in sheets, click planks, tiles, and click tiles. Visit the official website on www.greenfloors.com  to order linoleum that you like.
  • Eco-Wise
    Eco-Wise is a popular online store that offers a lot of linoleum in many different motifs and colors. This store is under the Marmoleum brand. You can order the linoleum in tiles, sheets, and click tiles. For further information, please kindly visit its official site on www.ecowise.com
  • Healthy Home
    Just like the Eco Wise, Healthy Home also offers Marmouleum with several choices of colors and motifs. You can order it in tile, sheet, or linoleum tiles. Visit the www.healthyhome.com for order.