Need Help on How to Wax Linoleum Floors? Do It This Way!

Many people have been really serious in doing decoration of their house nowadays. Every single touch even something like floor types would be really matter for certain people. Maybe it is because different types of material including floors have different treatment and maintenance as well. One of the trickiest types of floor to be maintained is linoleum floor.

Well this is a natural type of floor that is being trending in today’s era. Linoleum floor is made of natural things like cork dust, wood flour, linseed oil, and tree resins ground limestone and pigments. Because this is very durable and bio degradable, the owner of the house must be really diligent in doing the maintenance for linoleum floor.

The most important thing for linoleum floor is to keep it stay shiny and new because once it gets bad then it would be difficult to make it fresh again. Now I am going to tell you the solutions that you should do regularly for your linoleum floor. That is waxing. How to wax linoleum floors? Here we go.
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Keeping Your Linoleum Floors Shiny and New

Since linoleum floor is natural and sensitive with such things that is damaging, you need to apply such floor finish to maintain the look of your linoleum and you have to master how to wax a linoleum floor in your house. It is actually a thing that should be known by the entire owner of linoleum floors. Well, you can just easily purchase the waxing liquid or floor finish in the supermarket or such furniture maintenance shop.

Before you do everything that is involving the surface of your linoleum floor including waxing linoleum floors, you really have to clean the floor first. Not only sweeping but remove every single dust or furnishing that is on the surface of the floor. After that, do not directly do the floor finishing or waxing, but you have to mop the floor first. Mop the floor using neutral pH of water since the linoleum floor is really sensitive with acidic contents. After mopping it with the water, you can apply the waxing process.

This is how to wax a linoleum floor. Firstly pour the solutions that you have purchased previously (explained above). Usually there is an instructions right in the behind of the package of the solutions to direct you how to use that floor finish or wax solutions. Well, follow the instructions and pour the solution to the bucket so you can dip your mop for mopping the linoleum floor.

Waxing linoleum floors is somehow just like mopping as usual. The different is that you need to be often dipping the mop and rinse the mop half-dry because you need to make sure that the waxing solutions really waxing or coating the linoleum floor instead of only mopping it with water. If you apply the proper directions in waxing linoleum floors, your floor would be shiny all over again.

Well after applying the steps how to wax linoleum floors, just let the floors dry by themselves. The ventilation in your room would do. If you still want to shine your floors you can drop baby oil and mop it carefully. As the owner of the house you need to do the waxing for linoleum floors in about several times in a year. Please visit my site.