Painting Linoleum Kitchen Floor, How You to Do It Properly

The type of floor that is being trend in today’s era for decorating house or such fancy is linoleum floor. Linoleum floor is one of the types of floor that is environmentally friendly because it is made of natural things like cork dust, wood flour, linseed oil, and tree resins ground limestone and pigments.

Linoleum floor is really recommended by to be the floor for kitchen by the experts. Floor linoleum for kitchen seems really suitable with the decoration and concept of kitchen. For most of people, after choosing linoleum floor for their kitchen they would choose the color for their kitchen.

Linoleum kitchen floors have many colors provided, it is available in every spectrum of colors. That is why you should consider more about coloring or let’s say painting linoleum kitchen floor. Well, here are the suggestions that might be your considerations in painting your kitchen floor especially for linoleum kitchen floors.
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Start Painting Linoleum Kitchen Floor

Before you start painting the linoleum floor, you should see and check whether your floor is still in a good condition. If you see such a wavy crack in your floor, we highly recommend you to change your floor with the new one because if you still paint your floor in that condition it might just ruin your painting job because the result would be very messy in the cracked and wavy surface like that. So it is important to examine your linoleum kitchen floors before painting them. After you are sure that it is fine to be painted, you need to clean your kitchen floors.

Firstly you have to make the floor really clean, clear and not glossy with the surface’s material of your floor because floor linoleum for kitchens need to be clean without such grease and stuff. Well, liquid or solution that is recommended is heavy-duty-triphosphate or TSP cleaner. People find it good for cleaning linoleum floor. Well this is very important to wash the floor with scrub so there will be no something sticky when you paint your floor. Again, you need to make sure that it is not glossy anymore and grime free as well.

The next step is sanding your floor. Well it is quiet tiring though. This is necessary to grip your paint well in the floor that is waxy like linoleum floors. After the floors sanded, painting linoleum kitchen floor should begin with applying primer on the whole surface of the floor. Apply primer as much as you can to the linoleum kitchen floors to make it smooth to be painted later.

You have to follow the instructions very well before applying the primer, the instructions is usually behind the can of the primer. Ah yes, applying the primer is better using rolling brush to make it more equal and easier.  Waiting the primer to be smoothly dry is taking a long time even until 3 days long.

After the floor has been smooth, you can finally start painting linoleum kitchen floor of yours. You are recommended to use acrylic floor paint or epoxy coating ones. Remember to make sure the color that you choose to paint your floor so you won’t regret because of replacing your floor or wasting your energy doing all the preparations.