The Best Linoleum Flooring For Kitchen, Which One You Should Choose?

Still confused on choosing what kind of flooring that will be used for your kitchen? If you want the best one, you can use linoleum floors for kitchen. Some people has been proved that linoleum floor might be the best choice for kitchen since it has material that easy to maintain.
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Types of Linoleum Floors for Kitchen

So, there will be no worries to use it for kitchen which has many activities which will face the stains. Besides, the linoleum floors also have been popular since the late of 19th century from its durability and affordable price. Moreover, there are also a lot of types of linoleum floor that can be chosen.

  1. Patterned and Flecked Linoleum

    For the first, the patterned and flecked linoleum must be the popular one since it has the unique details on it. It has been mentioned that a lot of people use linoleum floors for kitchen especially for patterned and flecked linoleum floor. For the patterned linoleum, there are a lot of patterns that are offered. You can choose any kinds of pattern to turn it into beautiful decorating floor. Usually it require from some tiles and then you have to install it one by one to match them all. Then, flecked linoleum also has the same characteristics as patterned linoleum. What make it is different is for flecked linoleum has more unique pattern.
  2. Marble Linoleum

    For you who want to look be more glamour by using linoleum floor is still allowed. Linoleum floors are made from natural materials which includes to marble or even wooden. By using marble linoleum flooring for kitchen, you still can match your whole design for the kitchen. Usually, marble linoleum is also offered in tiles with the sophisticated and elegant looks. So, it must be perfect choice for you who want to get the fancy and glamour look for kitchen.

  3. Forbo Linoleum

    Actually, Forbo is the brand for linoleum floor. It offers many linoleum kitchen flooring options such as Artoleum Graphic, Passione, Scala, Piazza,and many else. This brand also has been known for long time. The most popular product from Forbo is Artoleum Graphic which has benefit for maintenance. The Artoleum Graphic has been provided by the dirt-camouflaging technology so that you will not worry in cleaning or even make the floors look dirty. Most of people are also use this brand since its linoleum is durable and has advantage in resistance over the heat.
  4. Tiles Linoleum

    Basically, tiles linoleum flooring is not too different from stone or ceramic files. What make it is different from others is it is made from eco-friendly materials. This eco material is usually found in medical facilities such as nursing home, hospitals and many else. So, tiles linoleum are better for a home that needing an anti-allergen circumstances. You can also use it as best linoleum flooring for kitchen. It has lower maintenance than the other flooring materials. You do not need to much extra needs for cleaning and maintaining the kitchen with linoleum floor.
  5. Sheet and Floating Linoleum

    The other most popular linoleum kitchen flooring options are sheet linoleum and floating linoleum. Both of them has differences. For the first, sheet linoleum flooring has wider size and varieties patterns and colors. It can be come in 6’6’’ rolls which suitable for the large space. However, in installing there will be some problem so you need a professional in installing this kind of linoleum. 
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On the other hand, floating linoleum flooring can be done by yourself. It can be installed without any adhesive. It can be installed by featuring a floor fame which can be click and lock edges.