The Best Step Cleaner For Linoleum Floors You Should Own

Different type of floors will be different way to clean it up. The steps for cleaning the floors might be different based on the floors’ materials. Linoleum floor is one of the difficult kind of floor to maintenance since the material is easily to get scratch. So, you must to take extra energy and time to clean the linoleum floors and then there will be no damages.

Linoleum Floors Cleaning Step by Step

Actually, you can do the common way of cleaning the floor but you have to take a concern on some point in cleaning the linoleum floor since it will be easily damaged by water. So, here are some steps of best cleaner for linoleum floors.
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  1. Remove the Dust Off

    First of all, of course you have to remove the dust off. You can clean it by sweep it by using the dust mop or vacuum cleaner. For dust mop, you can do it gently and then for vacuum cleaner you can switch it into hard surfaces mode. If you prefer to use vacuum so it will be the best linoleum floor cleaner.Moreover, you have also focus to collect the dirt and dust from the difficult area to the easiest one.

  2. Use the Natural Cleaning Solution or Chemical Cleaning Solution as Alternative

    For the next, you have to mop the floor. You can use the natural cleaning solution or the chemical cleaning solution. It depends on your will. For the natural cleaning solution as the best floor cleaner for linoleum, you can prepare a lukewarm water and white vinegar. In mixing water and white vinegar, you may be careful since too much water will damage the linoleum floor. So, you can take some measurement for lukewarm water and white vinegar.

    On the other hand, the mixed chemical cleaning solution also can be the best thing to clean the linoleum floors. Besides you can also buy some of products which proper for linoleum floor in the supermarket. One thing that you have to take a concern, you have to make sure the area is ventilated when you are cleaning with the chemical cleaning solution products. If you are in hurry, you can also juts used the mixed chemical cleaning solution such as mild detergent. Still, you cannot use the chemical product with high pH levels because it will damage linoleum floor so bad.

  3. Mop the Floor Gently

    The next step is mopping the floors. Do not forget to damp the mop since the linoleum floors cannot be soaked by water. On the other hand, a soft bristled scrub brush can be the best floor cleaner for linoleum. Yet, it must be more tiring than using a mop. In contrast, if you use the white vinegar as cleaning solution so you do not need to damp it since the vinegar will disinfectant naturally.

  4. Rinse & Dry the Floor

    After that, you have to rinse the floor after apply the cleaning solution on the linoleum floors. As the most favorite cleaner for linoleum floors, you can rinse out the mop and change the water in the bucket before by the cool and clean water. Don’t forget to dump the mop. Why the floor must be rinsed because when the chemical cleaning solutions are not rinsed well so there will be tiny particle that hard to be removed.

Then, keep it dry! You can use a towel or even cleaning cloth to dry the floor. In addition, to make your linoleum floors getting shining, you can polish it well by using the right polish for linoleum floor. Read the instruction, there will be the information which kind of the product proper for.