The Best Way to Clean Linoleum Wood Floors and How to Get It Done

Maintaining home decoration is the routine must to do. So, there will be no damage. However, there are some hardest things to do in maintaining the home decoration. Floor as the part of house that could not be avoided for the damage. The damage frequently appear for the floor since it placed under that might be noticed about its maintenance. Wooden floor must be the hardest one, even it has beautiful sense but if you cannot maintain it there will be so much damages. Yet, there is the best way from my site to clean linoleum wood floor to make it shine like a new.

Using Microfiber Mop for Wood Linoleum Wood Floor

First of all, before cleaning the floor you have to make sure you have the right mop. The best mop for wood linoleum floor is the microfiber mop since it has function to pick up the dirt and also the pet hair effectively from the floor. Moreover, it also has the swivel head that make your work easier to reach the difficult space. Then, by using this kind of mop it will make you be easier on how to clean linoleum wood floor. So, it will not damage the floor by water.

Using the Cleaning Solution

Then, you can also use some cleaning solution either from market or even homemade. You can prepare water, vinegar, and detergent. Put 3 parts water into 1 part of vinegar into the bottle. After that, you can add about 1 squirts of liquid detergent. Last, you can spray on the floor which contains of these cleaner. It must be easy, right? You do not need too much time and much money to get the best way to clean linoleum wood floors.

Removing the Stains on Wood Linoleum Floors

If there are stains on your floor, you do not need too much worried. There are the best way to clean linoleum wood floors. First, if the stains are from blood you can use the window cleaner. You can spray the window cleaner and then wipe it with the damp cloth. Second, if there is a chewing gum on the floor, you can just remove it by using a plastic knife. Make sure you remove it gently so there will be damaged. After remove the chewing gum, you can wife it with the water. Don’t soak it too much. Third, for crayon and ink there are different way to remove it. For crayon, you can remove it by applying a mineral spirits to nylon brush and the rub it away gently. For removing ink, you can use a little detergent to remove.

“Don’ts” for Wood Linoleum Wood Floors

There are some ways that must not be done for protecting your precious wood linoleum floors. First, do not use string mops and sponge mops because it will bring too much water. The linoleum floor will be damaged if there are too much water on it. It will bring the yellowing on the floor. Second, even you use the microfiber mops you have to make sure you did not soak it. You just need to dampen it. For the best way to clean linoleum wood floors and turn it well, you have to avoid that.

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Routines for Cleaning the Wood Linoleum Floors

For maintenance, you have to do some steps. It will make the best way to clean linoleum wood floors if you can do this routine so that the floor will be protected. First, you can use the homemade cleaning solution then spay it and wipe it. After that, dampen your microfiber mop by using warm water the mop it gently. Do not forget to dry it so there will not be soak.