The Best Way to Clean White Linoleum Floors

Linoleum floors is not only durable but also sturdy. However, they still need to be cleaned once in a while. When you clean linoleum floors properly and take care of it well, then it can last for 50 years. You can keep your linoleum floors in good condition by following those best way to clean white linoleum floors.

Easiest Way to Clean Linoleum Floors

  1. Cleaning up excess bits of dirt
    The first way to clean your linoleum floors is by cleaning up excess bits of dirt. You can sweep, dust mop, or even vacuum your linoleum floor on the floor’s surface to remove excess dirt. To make it cleaner, focus on cleaning dirt from underneath cupboard, cabinets, and appliances. When you vacuum your linoleum floors, please make sure to change the settings on your vacuum cleaner from clean carpet to clean hard surfaces.

  2. Mixing a natural cleaning solution.
    The best way to clean linoleum floors is by trying to mix a natural cleaning solution. Use lukewarm water to fill up a large bucket about ¼ until ½ of the way. Then, mix it in equal parts with white vinegar. You have to remember that the exact measurements on the water and vinegar ratios are rather wobbly. It is because most linoleum floors doesn’t need an entire bucket’s worth of cleaning solution to clean your linoleum floors. You need to know that standing water can damage your linoleum floors, so please don’t use more water than necessary to prevent the damage.

  3. Mixing a chemical cleaning solution
    When a natural cleaning solution doesn’t work to clean your linoleum floors, then try mixing a chemical cleaning solution. It is also the best way to clean linoleum floors. You can use certain cleaning products which are specifically intended for cleaning your linoleum floors. You can find chemical cleaning for linoleum floors in the most flooring and home department stores.

    Most of linoleum floor cleaners should be dilute with water, so you have to follow the instructions on the bottle by mixing in the appropriate amount of cleaning detergent. Use a large bucket that already filled with the correct measurements of water. Make sure that the area that you want to clean is well ventilated if you are using a chemical cleaner for linoleum floors.

    You can also use detergent as another chemical cleaner. It is the easiest way to clean linoleum floors .You can mix about 5-7 drops of a mild detergent such as dish soap with one gallon of warm water. The amount of water is approximately one gallon. Keep in mind that using detergent as linoleum floors cleaner will clean and also disinfect your floors. But if you use a linoleum-specific cleaner, it can remove the dirt better than detergent.

    A tip for you before decided to use chemical cleaner is you have to check the pH levels of the cleaners because chemicals which have high pH levels might damage your linoleum floors very badly. So, you have to stay away from cleaning products such as ammonia when cleaning your linoleum floors.

  4. Mop the linoleum floors
    After you choose the cleaner whether natural or chemical cleaner, then mop the floor. Rather than dipping wet, your mop should be damp. Mop the floor in sections. For each dip of the mop, you can mop it in about 5-6 square foot areas. You can use a soft bristled scrub bush if you want to clean your linoleum floors more thoroughly. Don’t use a mop. If you clean your floors with vinegar, no need to rinse off your floor.

That’s the best way to clean white linoleum floors. Now, know how to clean your white linoleum floors properly!