The Linoleum Flooring that Looks Like Wood Planks

Decorating home might be the interested one, especially when it can be match as we want. Flooring as the first step in decorating might be the crucial one. From materials to design, it will take much consideration to choose. If you like warm thing, the wooden flooring might be the best choice.

Besides choosing the direct materials, there are some kinds of flooring that have design as wooden like. One of them is linoleum flooring. Linoleum flooring that looks like wood planks might be the best one since it is the popular one to substitute wooden material in high price.

How to Install Linoleum Wood Plank Flooring

Before go to the steps of installing linoleum wood plank flooring, let’s talk about the advantage of using linoleum flooring first. There are some advantages from choosing linoleum flooring as your home flooring. Usually, it used for kitchen since it has the material that easy to clean. Moreover, the price that offered for linoleum flooring is cheaper than other flooring. So, it must help you in saving budget for other materials in decoration. Then, there are many patterns from linoleum flooring so that it will be easier to match your decoration concept.

So, after deciding to use linoleum flooring as your flooring decoration for your home so that you can follow the simple steps on how install linoleum wood plank flooring. Actually, it must be easy yet difficult to install it. So, here are some steps to get great linoleum wood plank:

  1. Acclimate the flooring
    It must be the basic step on installing flooring. You have to let the floor acclimate with room temperature. It must be done for preventing the problems after installation like buckling. Then, you have to let it acclimate at least for 48 hours before installation so it can adapt well to the humidity and temperature of the room.
  2. Remove the existing baseboard
    For installing linoleum flooring wood plank, you have to make sure you already remove the damaged flooring since it must be install on the smooth surface. You can use the pry bar in removing baseboard from the wall.
  3. Put the underlayment
    The next to do is make sure you have clean all the floor surface. It much be clear from nails, staples and other debris so the underlayment can be lay down perfectly. After that, you can roll out the underlayment gently. Make sure to avoid the overlap adjoining strips. So, to make it easy you need the utility knife.
  4. Take the layout
    For the direction on laying the planks, you can choose from the straightest and longest wall since you have to avoid the narrow strip. Cut the planks as you want, it can be 2 inch for wide. For cutting the planks, you can use two kinds of tools. First, a power saw. When using it you have to cut in finished side down. Second, a handsaw. When using it, you have to cut in finished side up.
  5. Install the rows
    For the first installing rows, you have to start with the first row. Install linoleum flooring that looks like wood planks with the tongue side face to the wall. Connect it one by one. After that, you can install the additional rows which might be needed to make it more perfect. For the last, you have to install the last row which have to be pried into place by using pry bar.
  6. Finishing
    For the last touch, you may cut around the door casings so that it will make it more comfortable to be seen. After installing linoleum flooring wood plank, you have to reinstall the rim using hammer and nails.