What Do You Clean Linoleum Floors With? Just Try This!

What do you clean linoleum floors with? In case maybe some of you have not known, there are so many types of floor. One of the floor types is Linoleum floor. Linoleum floor is a type of floor which is naturally made, this is environmentally friendly because Linoleum floor is made of cork dust, wood flour, linseed oil, and tree resins ground limestone and pigments.

Linoleum floor is really sensitive or let’s say very resistant in scratches, mars, and even dents in the surface of the Linoleum floor. The cracking or the other problems regarding with linoleum floors cleaning would be better done in certain proper steps. Here they are.

What to Use to Clean Linoleum Floors

You have to consider the contents of acid in doing linoleum floors cleaning because linoleum floors are somehow fragile if you do not use proper acid content in your cleaning liquid. The liquid that is right to be used on how to clean a linoleum floor is white vinegar. Many people also mix the part of white vinegar with lukewarm water. Some also use the chemical cleaning solution that is produced specially to clean linoleum floor.

You can find those in supermarket nearby. You can choose both natural way with water and white vinegar and chemical way to clean linoleum floors. What you have to underline is that you still have to consider any acid contents that is contained in the cleaning liquid that you use to clean linoleum floor even if it is made for cleaning linoleum floor specially.

How to Clean a Linoleum Floor

In linoleum floors cleaning, firstly you have to vacuum or sweep the surface of the whole part of the linoleum floor. If you want to do the natural ways recommended, you need to mix the vinegar (any of it) and the water. You don’t have to use many water, you’ll need only a few of it with vinegar because standing water can harm the linoleum. So the rage is quiet equal in te mixing f water and vinegar.

After mixing them you can directly mop the floor with that. You don’t have to rinse the mop until dry because vinegar is easily evaporated to the air together with the smell of it. If you mix the right composition without mixing too much composition in each, you won’t damage the linoleum floor.

The other way how to clean a linoleum floor is chemical way. It is a lot easier because you just have to mix the water and the solution specially made for cleaning linoleum materials. You can just follow the instructions n the package of the chemical solution. But be aware about the acid contents in the solutions. After all you need to be worry about the conditions of your linoleum floor, it is really resistant in such acid, right? So you need to always make sure about the pH of the detergent that you use. It should not be high.

Well, if you use chemical way, you can just mop as usual. But in this way, you are highly suggested to rinse the floor with cool water because if the chemical solution is not rinsed it will attract many tiny particles and dirt to your floor. Well hopefully this is useful for you in linoleum floors cleaning.