Wood Grain Linoleum Flooring in Lowes

Linoleum flooring might be the best choice for kitchen or even bathroom since it has anti-bacterial materials. Moreover, linoleum flooring becomes more popular since it is easy to maintenance. Some people also choose linoleum flooring because it is affordable which is cheaper but high quality. It can be the best one since it is made from natural materials and also more durable than others.

One favorite thing from linoleum flooring is it has many kinds of types and pattern so that people might choose easily and match it easily by the concept and theme of their decorating home. One of the best choice is wood grain linoleum flooring which must be attractive as flooring decoration.

Wood Linoleum Flooring in Lowes

To find linoleum flooring, you can find it easily in Lowes. By typing wood grain linoleum flooring on search box in Lowes official website, you will get many results as you want. Moreover, Lowes will give a price based on your country. Here are some results of wood grain linoleum in Lowes:

  1. IVC Imperial 13.167-ft Camargue 788 Wood-Look Low-Gloosh Finish Sheet
    This product was come first on the first page in Lowes website. This wood grain linoleum floor has stain and scratch resistance.

    Moreover, this product is also built as the comfort foam backing so that it will be softness for underfoot. As other linoleum flooring, this product also has Quick Clean wear layer so that it will get rid grime and dirt easily.

  2. Congoleum Airstep Plus 12-ft W Figurehead Wood-Look Low-Gloss Finish Sheet
    For you who want to install the warm linoleum flooring, this product can be the recommendation one. It has 12-ft widths which virtually seamless so it will give you comfortable, quiet, and also warm.

    After that, it is also built in UltraTec construction so it has more durability, installation ease, and also unmatched clean-ability. Scorthgard Protector and Silver anti-bacterial protection also built it in this product.

  3. Congoleum Airstep Plus 12-ft W Trade Winds Wood-Look Low-Gloss Finish Sheet
    The third wood linoleum flooring Lowes that can be seen is Congoleum Airstep Plus W Trade Winds Wood-Look Low-Gloss. It might be the best one for you who want to take warmer and softer color for wood grain linoleum.

    As the same product from previous one, it has 12-ft widths which virtually seamless so it will give you quiet, comfortable and also warm. UltraTec, Scotchgard Protector, and also Silver anti-bacterial protection has been built in this product.

  4. Congoleum Armor Core 12-ft W Braun Wood-Look Low-Gloss Finish Sheet
    It might be the best one for you who like wooden things since it has the best pattern which match for your kitchen concept. The color is not too bright yet not too dark. So, it must be perfect for room that has limited light.

    The product which is manufactured and designed in USA has 5 year limited warranty. It must be the benefited one. Moreover, it is also has dense construction and tough wear so it has protection against to indent, tear, gouge, and even rip.

  5. Tarkett Berkshire 6-ft W Gunstock Wood-Look Low-Gloss Finish Sheet
    It might be the best one for you who live in the winter place. It has bold dark yet not too light color which must be the warmest one. When it looks deeper, it might be the coolest since it looks like a real wooden flooring.

    This wood linoleum flooring Lowes is completely featured with an easy to clean surface as linoleum has as usual. Moreover, with the comfortable, warm and quiet underfoot, this product is built in mildew and water-moisture mold resistance.