How To Get Scuff Marks Off Floor

A typical issue for individuals who own wood floorings or are thinking about installing them is the care and upkeep especially the best ways to tidy marks off of them without triggering damage. In this light, we have created a couple of little suggestions on how you will have the ability to get marks off wood floorings utilizing typical family items.

How To Get Scuff Marks Off Floor

You do not constantly have to purchase a unique item for the task although if you remain in doubt, please talk to among our floor covering professionals to guarantee it is safe to utilize.

How To Get Scuff Marks Off Floor
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Here are our fast suggestions:


You can utilize a routine pencil eraser, although there are unique wood flooring-rubber erasers developed specifically for flooring cleansing that works well on persistent marks. Care as it can trigger dulling of protective surfaces if utilized consistently.

WD-40 type item

This is safe and can likewise assist provide your wood some shine. It works finest on light scuff marks. Keep in mind to tidy up completely after usage as it can leave the flooring slippery.

Rubber soled shoe

If you remain in a rush and do not have an eraser, often placing on rubber soled shoes and twisting among them over the scuff mark will suffice. Prevent utilizing black, rubber-soled shoes on light wood surfaces.

Tooth paste or sodium bicarbonate

These are 2 of the mildest abrasives around. Utilize a tidy, wet fabric or an old, moistened tooth brush to use them to the mark. Rub carefully with the grain of the wood. If your wood is scratched or pitted, tooth paste and baking soda can leave a milky residue that's tough to eliminate.

Housekeeping eraser pad

Rub the scuff mark with the grain of the wood inning accordance with the maker's guidelines. These brand-new design cleaners look smooth and safe, and they typically are, however, duplicated usage can dull surface areas, consisting of wood.

Great steel wool

For really persistent marks on dark wood. Usage just the finest steel wool (# 000 or # 0000). Can trigger dulling and abrade the wood. If you wax your flooring, attempt finishing the wool in a waxing option before you start.

Mineral spirits (naphtha).

Clean scuff marks carefully with a tidy fabric. This is a caustic, combustible compound; so utilize care.

Wood floorings can be a stunning addition to any space. With a little effort and time, you can keep yours in excellent condition by eliminating unattractive scuff marks securely. Once again, if you are uncertain-- please contact among our Andersen's floor covering experts today!